Gabriel Page


Blueprints for Puzzle 3 of level 3
Untextured version of Leyden Jar Crystal
Untextured version of Leyden Jar
Preview with minor texturing of Leyden Jar with Crystal
The Initial look of puzzle 3 before finalization
The Final look of puzzle 3
The final untextured model for puzzle 1's interface

DATA ENTRY: PORTAL is a VR game sourced from the adventure game Portal created by Rob Swigart and published by Activision in 1986. Moving the gameplay from the 2D space of the Commodore 64 and other early computers to the 3D environment of the Meta Quest 2 enhances player experience through immersive images, sound, and interactive elements.

I have been a part of the game development team for the game since late August 2023. With our expected release to be in December of 2023. The game is very promising and I hope that my contributions will make the game more fun.


  • Gabriel Page
  • Seth Jordan
  • Adam Doolittle
  • Delano Kingston
  • Sotheara Narith

Fun Fact

I was on the second team for this game responsible for finishing and making the game available to the world!

Name Origin

The Original name of the game was simply Portal and the name of the following book was Portal : a dataspace retrieval. So the name of the game is a remix of both titles into DATA ENTRY: PORTAL.