Gabriel Page

Low_Battery (2022)

The view of the room
A close up of Sparky the robot
Sparky the robot recharging
Sparky the robot pointing
A view of Sparky the robot's home

Low_Battery was a challenge. I created every asset for the animation except for the music. All models, textures, rigs, and animation was done by me over the course of one month.

The most difficult aspect of this project wasn't the time constraint for creation of assets, but rather trying to render the entire project on time. It took several days for the animation to render, but in the end this nice animation was finalized.


  • Gabriel Page

Fun Fact

This was my first solo animation. I prefer working in teams for a diverse skillset, but this was an interesting challenge to overcome!

Name Origin

The name of the animation was inspired by my old gameboy advanced SP as a child. It was my first rechargeable device and I learned the hard way what low battery meant.