Gabriel Page

Neon Piano Uncensored (2016)

The floating CRT monitor
The collection of gems to collect in the game
The titular Neon-Piano
The buildings of the second Island
The underwater effect
A view of all 3 Islands

Neon Piano Uncensored was a 3 month project where I worked as the project manager, Environment Artist, and Game Developer. A team of 6 total game developers work on this project and our goal was to make a fun first person collection game. We were given a random name for the game and came up with the concepts after.

The original goal was to reach the Neon Piano after collecting all gems. However, the team that woked on the game was mostly artists, and after 3 months we only had the level built, the gem counting function did not make it in.


  • Gabriel Page
  • Joshua Cox
  • Rayce Buford
  • Jesse Thomas
  • Clark Sison
  • Eric Cardenas


All Six team members of this project were students of Mt. Hood Community College's Computer Game Development Program

Name Origin

The name of the game was randomized using the Video Game Name Generator